Battle Mid Week Slump

Mid week slump?

While exercise might seem like the last thing you want to do, some form of physical activity might just be what you need to get over hump day:

(A) Plan something fun
(B) Break your pattern
(C) Keep moving
(D) Clean/tidy up
(E) Learn something new/different

Already in the gym?
Ask your coach if it’s ok to GRUNT at your next lifting session, expel a little more force. According to some sports psychologists, grunting helps some athletes exert more power, influencing their physical fitness, psychology and performance.
Just try not to get kicked out of your gym by overdoing it 🤣

🎥 For our PT client Matt in Hong Kong, he told us he feels amazing, it’s hard to believe he’s turning 60 soon 💪🏻 because he certainly moves young 💪🏻