Can You Reset Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

It’s that time of the year when we’re reviewing our goals and how 2022 went for us here at Limitless Hong Kong overall 👀  Is it time to reset your metabolism?

For some, it’s an exciting time to get a head start on planning for 2023! Things like setting new goals, implementing new habits, and making new purchases we hope would motivate us to execute those habits…

On the other hand, many of us also struggle to sustain the balancing act of health, career, and family priorities. It’s not news that these aspects of life are interconnected, having an impact on our ability to grow muscles, perform better in sports or even drop body fat for health purposes. Yet, year after year, we find ourselves back in the same spot as before… feeling a little stuck and wishing we had made more time for our health.

How we feel about our well-being has a tremendous effect on our energy to tackle work and personal life. Yet, health and fitness routines tend to be sacrificed first when it comes to life priorities. So, whether it stems from boredom or a lack of clarity in the goal, we invite you to join us to re-evaluate your health goals and reset your metabolism once and for all, with the support of our personal trainers here in our Hong Kong gym, of course.

The Best Dump Ever – Brain Dumping

Firstly, the good ol’ question – what are your goals? (the real goals that lay deep under layers of curated beliefs)

Has your brain already jumped ahead reciting what you believe are your true goals, and already fast-forwarded to seeking potential hacks?

Take a good, rich breath. Slow down. This is a process which we can make enjoyable.

Before we get into the solution-seeking phase, we invite you to do a little brain dump with us.

👉 Make a list of your health goals and fitness goals—all of them. Get them out of your head (you have enough taking up real estate there). Make some space and free up mental energy from harbouring them.

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Make This List Do-able

Take a good hard look at this list.

Look for similar items that could be tacked onto one another. For example, a goal for better skin could be tacked onto habits like regular exercise and hydrating through water with electrolytes. By the time you’re done grouping these, your list should look less overwhelming and more organized.

NEXT – Break these new groups into two actionable lists: “To Do Now” and “To Schedule“. Habits like going to bed at a certain time and drinking x amount of water a day can be implemented almost right away. Whereas items with a process to go through will go under “To Schedule“. Examples of goals and habits to schedule are:

"I want to be less injured!"Schedule 1x rehab & active recovery day and 1x restful recovery day a week
"I want to finally get to the bottom of my food intolerances"Start by taking a gut microbiome test and schedule a consultation with a Functional Medicine Health Coach to learn how to understand

Reset Your Metabolism to Achieve Weight Loss Goal

Our aim has always been to bring you information and education about these topics with more honesty. What is not discussed enough within the marketing jargon of weight loss methods is that losing weight is not as simple as a 12-week strict diet and intense training. (To be clear, water weight changes typically alter overall body weight quickly. But you’re here to understand how to lose weight and keep it off in a sustainable manner, right? 🙌 )

Metabolic health is interconnected with factors such as:

  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Stress management
  • Metabolism
  • Hormonal balance
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Mental well-being
  • Sleep quality
  • Gut health
  • Hydration
  • Medication
  • Underlying conditions


Why is this important? By zooming out of thinking what it is that you’re not doing right, the factors that lay in your way become more visible and ready to be addressed. Changes in metabolism that lead to weight gain and health complications are often a result of our lifestyle and health choices. Conversely, we can make better decisions to influence positive changes in our metabolic health. That includes improving our ability to lower body fat percentage and keep it off.

Metabolic Reset - The Drivers of Health Are Complex and Interconnected

Back to your list of goals – now that you’re able to clearly see the list of goals grouped with habits in front of you, expand on your reflections for each group.

How have I scheduled my time and energy that makes this unachievable? How often am I burning out?

Am I in tune with my ability to digest the foods I chose? Prioritizing sleep?

What is my relationship with food and exercise? 

Use these prompts to start this process. Prefer to use your own? Go wild! – mindfully, of course 😉

metabolic reset - brain dump make space notebook and pen

Can You Reset Your Metabolism To Help You Lose Weight?

Short answer, yes, it can. If you’ve been following the exercises on this post so far, it’s quite a journey – an important one that makes all the difference, that is. Before we start any client on a program, our personal trainers will guide them through an in-depth assessment process for better accuracy and understanding. For many, a metabolic reset is the right starting point for them. Simply put, by going through the process of re-evaluating goals and resetting mindset and habits lead to a high success rate in many health goals – including better sleep, better skin and overall weight loss.

“I could use some guidance”

How do eight weeks of workshops (online), in-person one-to-one personal training, health and lifestyle assessments, small group support, and weekly one-to-one accountability check-ins, all with the intention to reset your gut, reboot your metabolism and revamp a more balanced health status – sound? Learn more about The Metabolic Reset here. We only run this program 4x a year, so don’t miss your chance. The waitlist is now open for the first intake in 2023!

Although our business is in personal training and semi-private programs, we understand that not everyone has the resources to engage a personal trainer or a Functional Medicine Health Coach. This is why we use our blogs and social media channels to help educate and support where possible, and we are currently working on a podcast and an outreach project to deliver education and training. Here are where you can join the Limitless team on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We also have a newsletter you can ! (we don’t spam, unsubscribe anytime)

If you can invest in hiring a coach and find immense value in learning tools for life, get in touch! Take action here.

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