Functional Medicine for Women’s Health: From Heavy Periods to Infertility

Every woman wants to feel confident in her skin, but it can be difficult for us to meet our health and fitness goals when there are so many hurdles that life throws our way. We have menstrual cycles with heavy periods or fertility struggles that arise in a blink of an eye; it almost feels like the odds are against us! It doesn’t have to be this way though: Functional Medicine Health Coaching can help women stay on top of their game despite these challenges. As we age, movements and diets may not work as they used in the past; yet with the integration of Functional Medicine with fitness, you don’t need to accept defeat. So whether you’re a mom feeling stuck at home with limited energy, or a CEO looking for something more sustainable than restrictive fad diets – read on and discover how functional medicine can affect women’s health, get your body functioning smoother and finally get you closer to your true fitness goals.

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An introduction to functional medicine and how it differs from traditional healthcare

When it comes to addressing your health and fitness goals, particularly in a major metropolitan city like Hong Kong, it’s not just about what diet you’re on. Enter Functional Medicine, a key component of which is working with a health coach to craft individualized guidelines that consider your unique holistic needs. Unlike traditional healthcare, functional medicine takes an integrative, personalized approach that factors in lifestyle and environmental considerations. Rather than rely on a one-size-fits-all diet that may not be tailored to your life stage or hormonal changes, a functional medicine health coach can help you trace your health timeline, expose contributing factors to root causes and unlock the keys to reaching your own health and wellness goals.

What health struggles do women face at different life stages, such as menopause, pregnancy, postpartum, etc?

Women often face specific health struggles depending on their exact life stage. Although doctors can help diagnose and prescribe treatments, they may not take certain lifestyle changes into account. For example, during menopause, hormone changes cause a wide range of unpleasant symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, subsequently impacting sleep quality, mood and metabolism. Pregnant women and new moms have nutritional needs that require more planning than other stages of life while managing modern life stressors like juggling a career at the same time. Postpartum depression can be one of the most difficult aspects for many women to overcome but may not be something your obstetrician can do anything about. That’s why functional medicine health coaching is an important tool for women seeking support because it provides science-backed guidance in a holistic approach, taking into account all the unique life stages and issues that come with them. By utilizing these services, we can find more tailored solutions to achieve our health and fitness goals without feeling stuck in fitness plans that no longer work for us.  (Read this post on Not Losing Fat as a Female and What To Do)

limitless hong kong women's health

How a functional medicine health coach can help women find balance amid dieting chaos

Navigating the chaotic waters of dieting can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned personal trainer. That’s why personal trainers who are also functional medicine health coaches have been playing an increasingly important role in helping women find balance when approaching nutrition. Due to their multi-faceted expertise in both personal training and functional medicine health coaching, they help women advance their health and fitness goals during all the different life stages that arise along the journey. Women often struggle to meet their health and fitness goals because of restrictive or fad diets that just don’t work. In some cases, they have a negative effect and impact on a women’s metabolic health. It’s important to note that not all personal trainers are equipped to help beyond managing a client’s nutritional choices and exercise program. Oftentimes, personal trainers need to refer out because prescribing meal plans and diagnosing injuries are out of their professional scope. Very few personal trainers can offer this unique combination of testing, assessment, emotional intelligence and personalized planning, thus you must manage expectations when seeking guidance from different professionals.

How to make the most of dieting with a functional medicine approach

Dieting is often viewed through the strict lens of restriction and deprivation, but reframing your mindset with a functional medicine approach can help you make the most of your diet through focus on abundance instead of limitation. This kind of approach to dieting can help women create realistic and sustainable paths to health, while also enabling us to meet specific fitness goals by taking into account different life stages. By refocusing on lifestyle changes over quick fixes or extreme diets that do not work in the long-term, functional medicine health coaching provides a holistic alternative to traditional diets that are more realistically achievable and sustainable for each individual.

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The power of lifestyle changes in creating lasting results in women’s health

Women looking to make health and fitness a lifestyle, rather than another point on their to-do list may want to start small— small shifts in their routines can add up to long-term success! Beyond physical health and dieting trends that don’t work for everybody, the power of functional medicine health coaching brings all aspects of well-being into focus. Self-care isn’t just for spa days — it encompasses mental wellness, emotional health, social health and recharging—all of which are key components of sustainable success. Instead of chasing the destination of a perfect body or beating ourselves up over small setbacks in our goals or diets, small shifts—and learning how to balance the hustle with proper self-care—can have lasting effects on improving overall well-being.  (Learn more about this program that coaches you on how to reset and reintroduce health-changing habits: The Metabolic Reset)

Q&A with a functional medicine health coach on their experience and advice for women’s health

Interviewing your functional medicine health coach should be thought of as having a confidential one-on-one session with a trusted friend—a friend who is knowledgeable and experienced in helping women of all life stages meet their individual health and fitness goals. Be open to honest inquiry into your health history and be mindful of your mindset; think about it as a blueprint to success instead of dieting or getting surrounded by fear, guilt, or shame. An experienced coach can create an individualized plan that focuses on personal lifestyle changes that are sustainable and attainable, recognizing that each woman will go through different struggles throughout her life. So speak confidently during the interview, listen carefully, and be sure to ask questions. With the right education, advice, and support, you’ll be empowered to make strides on your health journey.

limitless hong kong women's health

Every life stage brings unique struggles, but by understanding our bodies better, women can have a safe space to explore all of their options. Lifestyle shifts are powerful because we don’t require drastic changes or impossible restrictions, rather focusing on gradual changes that become habits that last. Redefining health doesn’t have to be punishment – it can be quite fun.

If you’re struggling with your health goals, take it one step at a time and find ways to make routine adjustments to keep yourself feeling updated and empowered. If you need more support than you can give yourself, reach out to a personal trainer who is trained in the areas that meet your needs, a women’s health specialist or a functional medicine health coach if you have access to one in your area –– we all deserve personalized care!

At Limitless, we believe in making our knowledge and experience accessible to those who need and want it, no matter where they are geographically.  With our coaching team having roots in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and Europe, we offer both in-person coaching and online coaching.  Start somewhere simple, start with a conversation.  Get in touch – you got this!