Strength Training & Menopause 力量訓練與閉經

As the years gracefully add up, our bodies embark on various transformative journeys, menopause (更年期) being one of the most notable. The narrative around menopause has long been shrouded in whispers and sighs of resignation. However, at Limitless, we’re flipping the script on menopause and fitness.  In this post, we strive to showcase how this natural phase can be empowered through strength training – before, during, and after menopause. 💪🌟

閉經是女性生命週期中一個重要的階段;它標誌著月經和生育功能的終止。閉經可能伴隨着血管運動和泌尿生殖症狀,這可能是由於雌激素水平的下降。雖然荷爾蒙治療是治療閉經症狀最有效的方法,但研究顯示對於其好處和風險存在不同的看法。作為家庭醫生,我們有很好的位置提供基於證據的資訊,幫助女性做出有關閉經管理的明智決定。本文旨在提供關於閉經婦女荷爾蒙治療的最新資訊。 The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians 香 港 家 庭 醫 學 學 院

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The Prelude: Strength Training Before Menopause

Research from BMC Women’s Health suggests that starting a strength training regimen can not only bolster bone density but also set a robust foundation for muscle mass before hormonal changes kick in. Think of it as stockpiling your wellness arsenal, preparing your body to counter the bone density loss and other fitness hurdles, often associated with the menopausal transition.

The Main Act: Lifting Through Menopause

Enter menopause, and the narrative around your body changes. But does it have to be a tale of woes? Absolutely not. According to experts cited by The Conversation, engaging in weight lifting during menopause can significantly mitigate common symptoms like weight gain, mood swings, and sleep disturbances. It’s not just about keeping the pounds at bay; it’s about mastering your mood and reclaiming your sleep quality.

The Encore: Post-Menopause Strength Training

The show’s not over once menopause bows out. If anything, the encore might just be the best part. Human Kinetics highlights how strength training post-menopause can continue to protect against osteoporosis, improve metabolism, and enhance functional independence. Think of it as ensuring your quality of life gets better with time, allowing you to chase life’s adventures with vigor and vitality.

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Breaking the Silence: Strength Against Osteoporosis

Amidst the myriad of changes menopause ushers in, one silent challenger stands out: the risk of osteoporosis. It’s a condition that whispers before it roars, often going unnoticed until a fracture occurs. However, knowledge is power, and understanding how to bolster our bone health through strength training is crucial.

According to a compelling article on The Pause by Dr. Mary Claire Haver, osteoporosis shouldn’t be an inevitable part of aging that we quietly accept. Instead, it can be combated with proactive measures, particularly through strength training. The article sheds light on the importance of maintaining bone health, emphasizing that it’s never too early or too late to start focusing on bone density.

Strength training, with its ability to stress and thus strengthen bones, acts as a formidable foe against osteoporosis. Engaging in regular resistance exercises encourages the body to up the ante on bone tissue regeneration, keeping bones robust and resilient against age-related wear and tear. It’s a powerful reminder that our bodies are capable of remarkable feats of recovery and strengthening, regardless of age.

根據Mary Claire Haver博士在《The Pause》上的一篇引人入勝的文章,骨質疏鬆症不應該是我們默默接受的老化過程中不可避免的一部分。相反,它可以通過積極的措施來對抗,特別是通過力量訓練。該文章闡明了維持骨骼健康的重要性,強調無論何時開始關注骨密度都不算太早或太晚。


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Getting Started on Becoming Limitless

Embarking on a strength training journey amidst the whirlwind of menopause can feel daunting. Where do you even start? Right here at Limitless. Our approach is twofold – personalized and empowering. We believe in crafting routines that resonate with your lifestyle, capabilities, and, most importantly, your joy.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone who’s just wondering how to start, our doors (and dumbbells) are open. From one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on form and function to small group training that bring women together to lift and laugh, we’re here to guide, support, and cheer you on.

Let’s redefine menopause together. It’s not the end of youth but the beginning of a new chapter of strength and self-discovery. If you’re ready to embrace this journey with open arms and lifted weights, we’re ready to support you every step (and squat) of the way.

Join the conversation and empower your menopause journey with a personal trainer and strength training coach who gets it.

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