Understanding Teen Nutrition and Training With Limitless

“Youth is our future” – an inspiring slogan, isn’t it? A slogan meant to that keep us accountable as our teens guides in life and wellbeing. Wellbeing lessons such as health education, nutrition and training.  Yet, the statistics on rising health issues amongst our teenager is waving a big, red flag – calling for our urgent attention in addressing teen nutrition and training.

Teen Health Issues

When you think of teenagers health issues, weight management is commonly the major concern.  However, health problems in adolescents range from a-little-unhealthy to straight-up lethal.  Eating disorders and suicide remain at the top of health issues, along with body dysmorphia (small and big), stress-related illnesses, mental health disorders, sexual health issues and more.  For example, something as “innocent” as learning bartering food with exercise can make a lasting, harmful impression.  Symptoms take the limelight with many chasing solutions without understanding the root of a problem.  As cliche as it sounds, health education starts from the moment of conception and birth. It would be ignorant to disregard its power on life-long wellness, wouldn’t it?

Teenagers maintaining health, nutrition and training

Each stage of maturity brings about different strategies, knowledge and intuitive wisdom.  The formative teenage years are often the most outsourced by the teenagers themselves.  How? Do you remember how invincible you felt during your teenage years?  Every teenager’s journey varies and each unique individual are guided to understand and adapt to different strategies that work best for them. 


Teen Nutrition and Training’s Effect on Mental Health

The practices within health and fitness goals can have positive carry-over effects on day to day life.  Teens exposed to physical and emotional challenges can adopt critical thinking skills in other life obstacles.  While the benefits extend to developing skills – like stress management, resilience, adaptability and self care – embarking on a wholesome health program will be an opportunity for them to learn and grow while enjoying the process.  Think of something you wish you had learned as a teenager. Could that have set you on a different path with health?

Lowry and other researchers have been steadily building a body of evidence confirming that they also have a profound impact on mental health, through mechanisms as varied as the “gut-brain axis,” epigenetics, the impact of hormones on stress, and sleep. – Christopher Lowry, associate professor of integrative physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder. (an excerpt from the Colorado Arts and Science Magazine, College of Arts and Science) Read article here.

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Teen Health and Fitness Education

We created the Teen Nutrition and Training program to be a reliable and trusted resource for health and fitness education.

Coaching teenagers requires providing support, developing skills and building character.  Learning mental health skills such as resilience and adaptability are crucial while fostering an environment of safety and trust.  What we learn growing up are building blocks of our wellness capacity as adults.  Read more about the Lead Coach for this program, the award-winning Coach Marco.


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