pleased to share that I have gone down one size 🥳 and could fit into some trousers today 🙌🏼
Still one more size down to go till I fit into rest of my clothes 🙂

// Cheryl Rodriguez

i have noticed my quality of faeces has improved so much more as well 😬 i

// Carol Cheung

Trish and Ida. Just wanted to say that I have learned so much about myself and what my body needs. It’s one thing to sort of be aware of certain concepts and another to be able to experience it, feel it and actually see it for yourself and have someone explain it to you along the way. Thank you!

// Jenny Kim

Thanks Trish and Ida. Amazing teachings on my awareness of food intake and my own body. I’ve lost some weight, skin a lot clearer, I am more intuitive on the way some food (like dairy and spices) makes me feel.. most importantly I know which food makes me bloated and feel “mehhh”.
Just that now, I’m still learning how to move fwd with moderation on food and drinks I enjoy… 😉 I would like to understand more on balancing insulin and cortisol concept! This has been a great programm

// Hanis

Wow, I can’t believe 6 weeks is over.
The last couple of weeks have been really crazy for me so I’m a bit slower on the program than everyone else but I’ve also experienced some really nice changes. Definitely have way more energy and digesting food a lot better!

// Steph

Thanks Trish and Ida! This was an amazing decision for us as a couple! We survived and have come out the other side stronger healthier – (not divorced 😉 there were moments he he) I am sleeping so well, that was a major issue, balancing work and having a clear head is amazing. Bouncing out of bed at 6am and rested! I tried coffee today that was my big go to and dear god! It was not a pleasant reintroduction! So may need to park it! Skin looks fantastic- so many are commenting on that aspect! This will be a continuous journey for me! Loved the self discoveries! Thanks for all the guidance- this program rocks!

// Maria

Thank you so much, Tricia! And Ida!
Really learned so much from the last six weeks and I feel good ending the program armed with a lot of useful information!
This has been one of the best decisions I made as an adult

// KK

My stomach has pretty much stayed flat the last 4 weeks.
I’m eating better (food digesting more easily compared to the past)
I’m sleeping way better
Am not as tired in the mornings
My hormonal cycles seem more regulated And whatever I’ve reintroduced almost immediately causes havoc on my gut so I know now my intolerances and this is a step to better health and quality of life
It’s been very eye opening and I’m Glad I took a chance at leaped at this programme. Have been sharing with my community and friends who are Curious to know more

// Choy

My decision to do the Metabolic Reset was one of the best ever. I didn’t just lose 7 kilos but I also learnt to what was right for my body in terms of nutrition, strength, recovery, and gut health. I haven’t counted macros or calories, I haven’t restricted food or cut calories but instead I adopted a balanced approach, and for the first time in my life I saw my abs and I still eat rice!

// Yoko Fung

Trish’s advice has revolutionized my thoughts on Strength & Conditioning and broader aspects of my life.

Athletically I seek mobility, strength, endurance and explosiveness I’d struggled to put the pieces together and see improvements across this spectrum; made more complex by a pre-existing spine injury and general ‘fear’ of compound-lifting. Trish’s approach has been to radically simplify, breaking down complexity into chunks I can absorb, move forward with and feel real progress. The combination of learning and positive momentum matters to me.

She has gone beyond the training, taking a holistic look at my desire to improve as an amateur-athlete and create a balanced in life.

// Graham Harvey

After the program, all the gut discomfort I was experiencing was gone. My digestion improved and I slept better – not to mention that combined with a structured training program I began to see results in the gym that I never had before.

// Sajan B