The Pillars for Successful and Sustainable Fat Loss

Woman with emotive mask | The Pillars for Successful and Sustainable Fat Loss | Limitless Gym Hong KongYou’re making the same new year’s resolutions year after year… or perhaps you are still reminiscing about a past “transformation” that you’re struggling to get back to… or perhaps you feel stuck having tried “everything” with minimal results.

Does this sound like you?


“Many people struggle with fat loss, not because it is tough, but because they approach fat loss with a one dimensional perspective.”

To achieve accelerated and sustainable fat loss, a truly personalised approach needs to be taken. This doesn’t equate to simple “just train hard and eat clean”. Why? Because digestive health, hormonal health, mental health, and the environment you are asking your body to survive in – can play a bigger role than you think in why you’re not getting the results you want!

So, what makes fat loss successful and sustainable?

Here are the 5 pillars to successful fat loss:

Mindful movement Strength training physical fitness in the Limitless Gym Hong Kong

Thoughtfully-structured and periodised exercise programs that improve how the body moves BEFORE applying intense fat-loss workouts – start with mindful programming. One of the reasons why hitting HIIT all the time is not sustainable is because many do not allow their bodies to adapt to the demand and end up with injuries.  The key to preventing injury long-term is by ensuring the program does two things – corrects structural imbalances to build a stronger and more stable “machine”, AND for the right muscles to work. There is nothing worse than injury than losing momentum!


Better digestion and a healthy microbiome

Physical Fitness Gut Health Man and Woman | The Pillars for Successful and Sustainable Fat Loss |Limitless Gym Hong KongYou are not what you eat!.. but what you can absorb and assimilate. Your gut health significantly impacts your nutrient status. This means your body may not necessarily have the raw materials to help it lose fat in the first place! Pro tip from the Metabolic Reset program – for fat to be oxidised, you need adequate levels of magnesium and carnitine, which should be derived from the food you eat along with oxygen and sufficient hydration.



“If you are not absorbing the nutrients from the food you are eating, and your cells are not up taking nutrients due to impaired digestion or inflammation caused by overgrowth of bad gut bacteria – you will be over fed, but under nourished.” – Tricia Yap, Founder and Functional Medicine Health Coach


Man holding phone | The Pillars for Successful and Sustainable Fat Loss | Limitless Gym Hong KongOptimal blood sugar management

Focus on the quality and nutrient density of foods and slowly form healthier habits. Managing blood sugar is the small hinge that swings big doors to your personal health and physical fitness. How? Understanding your individual blood sugar responses to the foods you eat helps you truly personalise your nutrition program. Using continuous glucose monitoring technology, our health coaches measure your individual blood sugar responses and consider what, when, how much, and how you should be eating.


Sleep and Fat Loss | The Pillars for Successful and Sustainable Fat Loss | Limitless Gym Hong KongQuality of recovery

Sleep is one of the most underrated keys to body composition. During sleep, the body detoxifies, repairs and recovers – all of which means that inflammation is lowered, and you have better cognitive clarity for decision-making. Better cognitive clarity leads to better recovery decisions and for you to make the most out of your designed physical fitness program.


Woman screaming at weighing scale | The Pillars for Successful and Sustainable Fat Loss | Limitless Gym Hong KongStress management

Stressors impact adrenal health directly. IF your body is in a constant fight or flight state, then losing fat may be a luxury.  Why? Because the human body has evolved to store fat in times of conflict.  Research shows that our bodies are designed to only handle 1-2 stressors in a day.  The adrenal glands produce the stress hormone called cortisol when the perceived stress is sufficient.  Think of the number of stressors you are exposing yourself to on a daily basis and that cortisol build up!


“Fat loss isn’t just a calories in and calories out game.  You CAN lose fat, live life and keep the weight off IF you successfully tackle each pillar.”

It’s important to know that you should not be alone on that, and a plan is only as good as the person who is executing it. This is where we elevate our personal trainers coaching approach.

Underlying all of the above, a collaborative coaching and problem-solving approach need to be taken. Our Personal Training team help you set up a healthy environment for success, so that you are prepared to tackle de-railers in the journey. Taking this tailored physical fitness approach – instead of most quick-fix, celebrity-endorsed, marketing-heavy gym programs – you will not have to make the same weight loss new year resolution again!