Why is Human Growth Hormone Important to Training Results

Why does the combination of good sleep and an appropriate amount of heavy resistance exercise – result in more achieved health goals for many?

Short answer: Human Growth Hormone matters. We all make it. Some make less as we age, some make more safely through certain types of exercises, certain AMOUNT of exercise, quality sleep, temperature and nutritional choices.

First of all, what is HGH?

At a glance:
– HGH induces bone growth, regulates metabolism and electrolyte
– It decreases body fat, maintains muscle mass and strength
– It indirectly helps to maintain, build and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs
– It affects the immune system, cardiovascular system, central nervous system and ageing
– Abnormal HGH levels can have a negative impact
– Older people have lower levels when compared to younger individuals and as the body’s production of HGH falls, the resources your body needs to repair damage diminishes which can negatively impact the immune system, energy levels and fat distribution.

A number of physiological stimuli can initiate hGH secretion, the most powerful, non-pharmacological of which are sleep and exercise. Resistance training results in a significant exercise-induced growth hormone response.

In simple terms – a good lactate workout and quality sleep for growth and cell reproduction

Specifically, heavy resistance exercise has been shown to increase growth hormone in both men and women, according to a small June 2015 study published in [Growth Hormone & IGF Research]